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scientific production and patent
List of scientific production and scientific research published in specialized scientific journals since 1989 – 2007
  • Research published in international journals and conferences in the field of medical engineering and clinical imaging (54 research).
  • Research published for the scientific title of a professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University (29 research).
  • The research presented for the State Award (2001-2003) was published on the total scientific output of the candidate (9 researches).
  • Research published to obtain the degree of Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Engineering – Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University (17 research).
    Clinical research (4 researches).
  • Research presented for the State Award for Excellence in Advanced Science and Technology (28 research).
  • Received the Scientific Research Award for Cairo University.
The scientific messages that were granted and supervised by the scientific committees in which he participated
  • Scientific committees to supervise and discuss the number of (10) PhD in medical engineering and the number of (5) PhD in medicine and the number of (59) Masters in the field of medical engineering (1986-2007).
  • The scientific committees of the Department of Medical Engineering – Cairo University as well as the special committees for the development of different disciplines in the department and the establishment of the foundations and standards of graduate studies department.
  • Committee of the Medical Authority of the National Institute of Health of the United States National Institute of Health to develop a workshop and curriculum for the preparation of technicians in the field of medical and clinical engineering in Egypt 1983.
  • Dental Committee for the development of curricula in medical engineering college 1982.
    Committees for the Modernization of the Center for the Transfer of Technology of Sound waves at Al-Qasr Al-Ain 1980-2000.
    Committees formed at the German Oncology Institute for the use of molecular radiation in the treatment of breast tumors 1988.
  • Scientific and legal committees for arbitration in the problems of medical engineering in government departments during the presidency of the Department of Medical Engineering.
  • Committees of establishing medical engineering departments in some private and governmental universities such as:
    Egypt International University
    Helwan University
    Minia University
  • Egypt University of Science and Technology (6th of October).
    High Institute of Technology, 10th of Ramadan City.
  • Study of Menoufia University for the establishment of the Department of Medical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
  • The committee was formed to judge the use of Gamma Knife in the treatment of brain tumors in Nasser Institute 2002 and determine the scientific efficiency of them as well as the feasibility study of the project.
  • Member of Promotion Committee, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, 2005.
Patents and innovations for development

He established the Research and Development Department in the field of Medical Engineering at Al Alamia for Medical Engineering Technology in the early 1990’s and succeeded in producing a sound wave device for medical diagnosis with Doppler and 3D imaging aiming at establishing a national institution that absorbs the global technologies in the field of medical engineering and harnessing it to serve low income communities inside and outside the republic. Egypt and attract the management of this section of the graduates of the Egyptian universities, especially graduates of the Department of Medical Engineering for training and work in the International Company for Medical Technology (IBE) and work to catch up with all new and follow the progress of the Mei avilable in the world in the field of medical devices Currently, the research and development strategy on two main Mahrien:

1- Design and development of medical devices for the Egyptian and international market.
2- Cooperate with global companies and international technologies to manufacture their products locally at reasonable prices.

These two policies have succeeded so far in offering several products to the Egyptian market. The sound waves manufactured locally have been exported to the United States, the Arab countries and Russia, including a three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging device that detects the positions of images in a number of ways, including electromagnetic and linear and circular motors.

Introducing new types of equipment, including Intensive Care Monitor, Ultrasonic Blood Flow Device, Bone Densitometer, Oxygen Concentrator, Soft Tissue Laser

Center for Software Development and Medical Engineering Consultancy

Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University